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EEULAAeditor – is a program that can create or edit a EEULAA table. If a font has no EEULAA table it can create one according to your specifications and add it to the font. If the font has a EEULAA table it will read the table and display the contents.

Once a EEULAA table is created for a font you can protect it from unauthorized changes by adding password protection. Once a password is set EEULAAeditor will display the contents of the EEULAA but will only save changes when the correct password is given. This is implemented in the desktop versions of EEULAAeditor, but not yet in the online version.

The beta version of the online EEULAAeditor is accessible here. Please note the requirements.

The offline beta version of EEULAAeditor is available for download. Windows version or Macintosh version.

Please send bug reports, comments and suggestions to feedback “at” eeulaa.org.