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Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is is an umbrella term for any of several arrangements by which the usage of (primarily) copyrighted digital work can be restricted by the owner of the rights to the work. (Definition from Wikipedia: Digital rights management.)

We currently do NOT have plans relating for DRM in this initiative.

Proposals for DRM relating to fonts typically involve similar systems to those used for the protection of music and video files, such as in AAC music files and DVD-Video. In such systems, copying the file to a new location means it will no longer function normally.

There is also debate about the practicality and economics of DRM for fonts: do those who would have to do the direct implementation have an economic incentive to do so? Does the total gain outweigh the total costs? Will users buy fonts that they cannot use as flexibly as existing fonts.

Due to technical complexity of the problem, and the issues mentioned above, most people in the font world believe that introducing DRM for fonts is not foreseeable in the near future. However, font developers (both foundries and designers) suffer greatly from piracy, which ensures that DRM wishes will remain fresh in their minds.