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When do you need to use private proxy

Proxy server is a pretty universal tool that is used in different areas. Many experts constantly use it in their work. There are paid and free proxies. In some cases, you can use free versions, but they have some really serious disadvantages compared to paid proxies. Let’s try to figure out exactly when it is worth paying for private proxies, and when you can get by with free proxy servers.

Free proxy servers are freely available. Anyone can access them at any time. You do not need to install additional software, you do not need to pay for anything. You can just simply find the list of free proxy servers in the internet, choose the one that suits to you and use it. But do not forget about the disadvantages of such servers.

There are a few of the most serious 

  1. Loading speed. Due to the fact that these servers are publicly available, a few users can use such server in the same time. This leads to the fact that the load on the proxy server increases and the speed of information processing drops. As a result, web pages loading can take a lot of time, sometimes one page may hang for a few minutes before loading. This is quite a serious problem, which can characterize all free proxy servers.
  2. Intermittent connection. Free proxy servers are quite inconsistent in their work and connection that can be lost any moment. Thus, you always have the risk of losing certain data as a result of such a cliff. You have to remember about it if you are engaged in a serious project and losing some data can have some really bad effects.
  3. Anonymity. One of the main advantages of proxy servers is to maintain anonymity online. But this is not typical for free proxies. IP addresses that have been used by such kind of proxies have long been known to all web resources and on some of them even appear on the blacklist. So it doesn’t really help you if you are looking for anonymity in the Internet.

As for private proxies, such servers are much more practical and are often used not only by professionals in their work, but also by ordinary users. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of private proxies. So you really need to buy private proxies if you need some of the advantages that they can give you.


  1. Excellent connection speed. Private proxy will belong only to you. No one else will have access to it. It can ensure low server load and excellent connection speed.
  2. Anonymity. Private proxies can really provide anonymity in the Internet. Since they use a unique ip address, which will be used only by you, web resources are not able to find out that the user does not use his ip address when connecting.
  3. Continuous connection. Connection of such servers is much more reliable. So you can work calmly and not be afraid that the connection with the server may break at any time.

A lot of professionals use private proxies in their work in various fields. There are marketers, gamers, IT specialists, developers, programmers and many others. In addition, proxies can be useful for ordinary users. Private proxies can be useful for those who want to bypass regional blocking. Such blocking makes some content inaccessible to users of a particular country or region. Also, private proxies are extremely useful for travelers, as they make it possible to have your country’s ip address even after you crossed the border. For example, you can buy England proxy here https://proxy-seller.com/england-proxy. It helps to keep access to your favorite web resources, even while traveling. Another option for the use of private proxies by regular users arises when the user wants to maintain complete anonymity on the network. Free proxies are not able to fully cope with this task. Only private proxies can provide really high-quality anonymity and protect the user in the Internet.