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Devops Lifecycle

Devops is a relatively new methodology. The main object of influence of all these processes is the devops team. The essence of the methodology is to completely change the approach to software development. The old process by which IT companies worked was far from ideal. In order to better understand the devops lifecycle, you need […]

When do you need to use private proxy

Proxy server is a pretty universal tool that is used in different areas. Many experts constantly use it in their work. There are paid and free proxies. In some cases, you can use free versions, but they have some really serious disadvantages compared to paid proxies. Let’s try to figure out exactly when it is […]

Font Embedding

Font embedding refers to technology that saves fonts (or subsets of fonts) inside document files. The aim of this is that recipients of the document can see it as it was designed, without having to have the fonts already installed on their computer. The benefits for publishers are obvious.