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Devops Lifecycle

Devops is a relatively new methodology. The main object of influence of all these processes is the devops team. The essence of the methodology is to completely change the approach to software development. The old process by which IT companies worked was far from ideal. In order to better understand the devops lifecycle, you need to reiterate the main cycle of the software production team, which was popular before the advent of Devops.

When the demand for software just started to appear, the developer was the performer of all the roles in one person

He was the epitome of the whole team, and himself handled the most of processes. But the demand for software grew, and this approach had to be completely changed. Teams of people became popular, in which each performed certain functions and had its own area of ​​responsibility. This could significantly reduce the load, but there are also negative factors. As a result of this separation, each of the specialists became more independent of each other. This led to the fact that the developers were engaged only in the code and showed no interest in what was going on. The same was done by the other employees who were involved in the process of creating software. As a result, the development process was quite lengthy and inconvenient, and individual experts often tried to evade responsibility for certain issues under the pretext that the error was not directly related to their field of activity.

It could not go on. The word Devops originated 10 years ago. It has a special meaning, which set a goal to erase the boundaries between the separate stages of software development. Devops lifecycle was built in such a way that all specialists are continuously connected between each other. Everyone was still performing their process, but now everyone was responsible for any issues and corrected them by working together. It is worth to look in more details at the devops lifecycle phases in order to better understand the principles of how this methodology works.


This is where any development begins. Without a clear plan, software development is not possible. The main tip of devops is that the whole team takes part in the planning process. This makes it as efficient as possible and helps to take a clearer look at the entire project.


Next, developers get down to business. There is a process of writing code, which may consist of several stages. Depending on the complexity of the software, this process can take a lot of time. This is the most important stage, since its absence makes all the other stages meaningless.


The process of building code in the framework of the software. As a result, a prototype appears, which passes through the remaining stages of the project lifecycle in devops.


Testing the original version of the code. According to the principles of Devops, some developers also take part in it, which simplifies the task of system administrators.


Run the software to check for errors and bugs.


Observation and work on eliminating bugs and errors.


Testing fix and health check of the software.


Tracking the health of the software.


Again, we return to the first point, since Devops is a continuous process that ensures the accurate and error-free operation of the released software.

Devops lifecycle is built in such a way that each of the stages is common for the whole team. This makes the development process much faster and of better quality. The emergence of devops methodology was inevitable. The old system was impractical and not efficient. As a result, all software development companies very quickly began to transition to new processes.