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How to choose a strategy for online casino?

Today there are dozens of strategies for playing roulette in online casinos. On the one hand, it gives players more chances to win, on the other – makes it difficult to choose, because in order to familiarize yourself with all the strategies – it takes time to choose from all this abundance five to six “profitable” profitable strategies – time is required twice as much.

So how to start choosing a casino strategy game?

The basic principles when choosing a strategy for playing in an online casino are:

  • the time for which you want to profit from the game of roulette;
  • the amount of funds that you have to play the game;
  • the amount of profit for a certain period of time.

Any roulette game system is based on the variance (increase in probability) of a bet loss and has a certain progressive scheme (set of coefficients) for calculating subsequent bets. Conventionally, all game systems can be described as short-term, medium-term and long-term.

The larger part of the field that is used for bidding, the greater the likelihood of obtaining quick profits. For example, all types of semi-fields (even / odd, red / black, etc.) belong to the short-term, parts of the field of 12 numbers (dozens, columns) belong to the medium-term, and parts of the field of 3-6 numbers to the long-term ones. It makes sense to rely on smaller parts of the field if they are part of a more complex structure.

However, short-term financial strategies require a greater investment of funds, because each subsequent bet on the half-field should increase more than the rate for a dozen or six. Therefore, before you start playing at an online casino – proceed from the calculation that your bet on a half-field in an unfavorable situation can play only on the eighth, or even the tenth time, part of the 12-number field may not fall out 18-20 times, and six may hang for an hour.

Starting to play European or American roulette, few people think about the question of planning future profits, and it does so in vain.

When choosing a roulette game system, think also about the amount of profit that you want to get in an hour or two games in an online casino. Choose ten most profitable strategies in your opinion, test each of them within a few hours, get a hands-on experience of the game, this will make it possible not to make mistakes in the future. Select five strategies from these ten, and create your own game system, since there are no strategies without “pitfalls”. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Using strategies can be compared to dinner in a restaurant: soup is better to eat with a spoon, garnish – with a fork, meat – with a knife and fork. If you eat soup with a fork, you will be hungry. So when playing in a casino: a certain strategy can be profitable if it is used at the right time in the right part of the field. It’s like soup: if you eat it with a spoon, you will be full, you will use the most appropriate strategy of the game at the right moment, you will benefit.

If you have played online casinos before, you probably do not have any preconceptions. But when it comes to most people, this is a different matter. The opinion of many people about online gaming has been shaped by the media and widespread stereotypes, so some of these ideas are very negative. But the reality is that many stereotypes are not the ultimate truth.

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