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Welcome to EEULAA.ORG

The EEULAA website is devoted to working towards a computerized form of the EULA (End User License Agreement), Personalization, and designer recommendations for fonts. For short we’re calling this generically an electronic EULA abstract or EEULAA.

Initially, we hope that this site will enable stakeholders to produce proposals and working prototypes of systems that utilize abstract EULAs. Ultimately, we intend to build these prototypes into real software – font editing tools, websites, operating systems, and applications.

You can see the current thinking on the Permissions fields, Personalization Fields, and Recommendations fields on their respective pages.

Call for Public Comment

As of 17 September 2010 we have a final draft of the specifications for the EPAR table. You can see the proposed datafields on the Permissions, Personalization and Recommendations pages. We’re soliciting public comments, so if you have an opinion about what should be included, excluded, or changed please let us know by email to [email protected] . Or write your comments in the wiki for everyone to see.