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Followers on Instagram: why is this needed

Have you ever found an absolutely ordinary, unremarkable account that for some reason has a huge number of subscribers? If at the same time you wondered how they managed to gather such an audience, then there is a possibility that they cheated it. How and why win likes and followers on Instagram? Each account has its own reason and method of work for this. Let’s try to figure out why some do this and what service they use for this.

Why you need cheat likes and followers on Instagram

Cheat is the purchase of subscribers through agencies, using services or freelancers. Each account owner who decides to use this promotion method has his own reason. However, of all the motives, 3 main ones can be distinguished:

  • Increase the “weight” of the account;
  • Personal ambition;
  • Participation in the competition.

Account Weight

Promotion on Instagram is a lot of work or an advertising budget. Unfortunately, the time has passed when it was possible to register an account with an original idea and quickly gather an audience, getting into the “popular” and blogs that need a news feed. Today, there are a lot of interesting accounts and info lines, and to attract the attention of a new reader you need to work hard. However, accounts with a large number of followers still cause instant interest.

When a person logs into a new account for himself and sees that 20k people have already signed up for him, the first thing he thinks is: “How have I not seen him before?” And what is so interesting about 20 thousand followers? ” It’s rare that anyone will look at all the photos, read through the texts, calculate the ratio of the number of subscribers to the number of likes and comments under the photos. Most flips through a couple of photos and subscribes, so as not to lose and later consider this account more closely. It is in order for potential subscribers to have such an interest and desire to subscribe, it makes sense to buy instagram followers.

The same can be said about business accounts. For them, the number of followers is a social proof that says: “Look how many people already trust us and follow us! Subscribe and you, we are cool! ”

In addition, the set of followers on Instagram using white methods can stretch for months. Sometimes there is no time to wait. For example, someone wants to start promoting their Instagram and their personal brand and right now is ready to arrange an interview in the media. Writing to journalists and presenting yourself is an exciting process, especially when you do it for the first time. You need to be absolutely confident in yourself and your professionalism in order to be able to arouse interest in yourself with just a letter or a telephone conversation.

Some lack such confidence and therefore they artificially “pump” their account so that when talking to a journalist, potential partner or client, they have something to present. This is about the same as a portfolio of projects that you have not yet done, or an embellished resume when applying for your first job.

Personal ambition

Instagram is a young social network and the users in it are mostly young too. Remember how in childhood you argued with friends in the yard, who has more toys, who has more friends or gifts. Since then, nothing has changed.

Participation in the competition

One of the options for choosing a winner in an Instagram contest is a set of likes. The one who scored the most likes under the photo won. Accordingly, if a participant cannot boast of a large support group or a brilliant competitive photo, he can resort to cheating likes.

The organizers are trying to monitor the honesty of the participants, and the participants themselves already know that anything happens in competitions. But, nevertheless, while contests with a set of likes will appear, there will be participants who will wind up these likes.