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The first steps in online casinos

Along with the popularity of gambling, as well as the increase in cases of cheating on this basis, sites began to appear, whose teams have taken to exposing cheaters and helping to get winnings from casinos that are trying to shirk their obligations. Such thematic resources provide a platform for rating and rating casinos, do their own testing, collect feedback from real players and reward them for their participation and activity in various ways. For example, you can check the reliability of jackpot city casino here https://slots-online-canada.com/review/jackpot-city-casino/. The ratings take into account a number of basic characteristics of online casinos:

  • regulator credibility;
  • the variety of games;
  • the number of methods for deposit/withdrawal of funds;
  • the speed of deposit/withdrawal requests and others.

Casino reviews allow you to learn all the necessary information about a gambling site, including the criteria that you should know before registering, which we’ll tell you about later. And reviews convey personal impressions of players who have visited institutions and demonstrate how truthful the gambling sites are about themselves and whether they really perform their services qualitatively.

Forbidden countries to play at casinos

Before you start registering at a casino, you should clarify if you are a resident of the country that is banned in the rules of the site. The fact that some sites at once pay attention to the IP address from which the visitor comes and block his further access, redirecting him to the page where the reason. Here everything is clear and there can be no further misunderstanding. And if the player, despite the ban, will use VPN, will play, win any amount, and at the stage of winning withdrawal representatives find out that he is from the state, which is in the list of banned, he will not get any money.

But some casinos do not have automatic blocking, and the customer can register, make a deposit, and then his joy of winning, with a positive outcome of the game, is replaced by disappointment, when the casino representative said that residents of the country are not allowed. To avoid such cases, it is better to view the list of banned countries at once or to clarify this issue with the support service.

Identification of the person at the first withdrawal

Almost every casino will tell you that you need to verify your identity the first time you want to cash out your winnings. Therefore, when filling out your profile with unreliable information, keep in mind that this could lead to a conflict with the casino in the future, as there will be no way to verify the data. To avoid misunderstandings, write the data about yourself correctly. The procedure, when a special department of the casino checks the player’s documents, is quite acceptable and excludes infringement of anyone’s interests. This is due to the current regulations and legislation, aimed at combating the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

The main verification requirements are a photo or scan of your ID card, proof of residency on the appropriate page of your passport, or a recent (not more than three months) utility bill. Sometimes in addition requires a selfie with your passport and a piece of paper with a special inscription. But this is at the discretion of the casino. Reputable gambling sites are trying not to delay verification and conduct it within 24 hours, sometimes a few hours. But there are also those that can freeze the procedure for several days, expecting that a keen gambler will not stand the wait, cancel the application and probably lose everything.

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