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CS:GO skins: classification of items

At the moment there are about eighty different types of weapons in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, including some auxiliary items. At the same time, there are tens or hundreds of times more skins on them. Absolutely any skin in CS:GO has its own special features, coloring and price. So it will be useful to know what the cost depends on a skin, and what features it has. After all, these things help to add personality and become more vivid in the game.

Quality in CS:GO

Some types of weapons and other things can only be used by either the terrorist team or special forces, but most are available to both teams. In general, in order to make it easier for the casual player to understand the skins, they are grouped into several main subgroups based on the degree of wear and tear. In addition to the degree of external newness, there are other important factors as well. These include:

  1. The prevalence of the skin. The rarer it is and the more special the thing is in CS:GO, the higher its price will be.
  2. Is there a StatTrak counter on the weapon.
  3. How many stickers on the weapon and their types.
  4. Whether these skins belong to the souvenir or contraband.
  5. Presence in any of the collections.

All of these parameters will affect the final price of things in CS GO. The price can be small for the most common skins, and at the same time reach several hundred dollars for rare and exclusive things. This is understandable, because with a rarer skin is much easier to stand out and attract attention, to emphasize their own self in the game. But always remember that the skins do not give absolutely no advantage in combat performance, only appearance.

Free skins for CS:GO

In fact, earn yourself csgo case opening in the game is quite simple – you just need to play a lot and win often. CS GO often gives out a few prizes to players at the end of a match. Of course, most of the falling out items are not very valuable and cost very little. So this tactic is unlikely to work if you want to get something really worthwhile and stand out somehow. You can replay a lot of games and wait in vain, never getting the cherished result.

Most often, players are presented with new skins after some official competitions on CS:GO, or when a gamer has reached a new rank. In addition to simple items, fall out and weapon cases. But to open them at once will not work – you’ll need to buy the key, which also costs a certain amount of money. When opening the case, the item will be randomly selected from the list, which can be viewed before opening. And in this case getting something rare and special will be considered a huge success. So no matter how you look at it, the easiest way to get exclusive things in CS:GO is to buy them on the Steam marketplace or on special sites.

The rarity of things and items in CS:GO

One of the fundamental factors for skins in CS:GO is their rarity. Developers release some things in very small batches, and therefore they can be found quite rarely, so the value of such a skin increases. As examples of the most expensive and rare things in the game are the M9 Bayonet knife and the AWP: Dragon Lore sniper rifle. It is practically unreal to knock out such weapons from the cases, as the probability of falling out is extremely low.

StatTrak function

In addition to the rarity of the object value can add some additional features. For example, it can be StatTrak, which counts the kills made with a given weapon. It is a numeric bar on the weapon’s body. It is also displayed on the blade or handle of the cold weapon as scratches. Killing bots for StatTrak will not count, it only works on servers with real players. The counter will be reset when you purchase a weapon with this feature. You can buy it on the trading floor https://csgo.net/, or try to get it by opening different cases.