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How to treat erectile dysfunction with folk methods

Folk medicine offers a bright variety of recipes, but not all of them look adequate. It is possible, for example, to eat garlic in incredible quantities. But still, it is better to pick up less flavorful and more pleasant answers to the question “how to cure impotence”. If you’re looking for a quick effect, use https://svensktapotek.net/viagra-strips/. In this article, we will discuss folk remedies.

Incorporate the following foods into your diet:

  • ginger root;
  • ginseng;
  • celery;
  • walnuts.

From the above you can make decoctions and infusions, something will do as a supplement to tea. It will not be difficult to follow a regimen of useful supplements from this list, and the condition will become better in the whole body. These are safe and effective products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction at home

Healers recommend making honey applications. Soak a cloth or towel in it and apply to the base of the penis twice a day for 10-15 minutes. It seems that the authors of the recipe forgot to mention that there must be a girl who is not indifferent to bee products. Another popular recipe – mustard poultices on the feet. They, supposedly, will disperse the blood, especially in the direction of that very organ, improving its supply of oxygen and filling the cavernous bodies. And for dessert, a bath with a bay leaf.

The picture, worthy of a separate erotic film: you come out of the bath, with a bay leaf stuck to his shoulder, you stick mustard on his feet, and put honey gauze on his penis. What happens next is up to you, if you want. Try not to imagine the smell in too much detail, otherwise the problems may get worse. Exercise and training are much better answers to the question “how to increase an erection?” They are harmless, have no contraindications at all and smell

Complementary therapy

Sometimes there are specific diseases behind sexual difficulties. If the situation is worse – you need to be thoroughly examined. You may first have to learn how to treat adenoma of the prostate in men or undergo a course of therapy against prostatitis. If an erection is lost because of a passive and sedentary lifestyle, love of tight pants or tight (but undeniably sexy) underwear, special exercises will help. A complex of special exercises is designed to have an impact on the same pelvic organs. The exercises are shown and prescribed by the doctor.

Some couples buy a pump for home use. It is put on the penis right before sex, and in a couple of seconds you become the owner of a stone erection. Pure physics – the vacuum draws blood, and it fills the blood vessels. There is no long-term effect of the pump, only a one-time effect. Before treating impotence with medication, at least learn a little bit of exercise. For you already prepared an effective set, which you can find on the network. Exercises are good because they have no contraindications and pronounced side effects, it is desirable to perform them every man – both sick and healthy. Exercise definitely will not do any harm.

However, if you want to get the best result, you will need to use specialized medication. You can buy them at https://svensktapotek.net/.