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White Label Casino

It’s no secret that to open your own online casino you have to do a lot of things from buying software, creating a presentable website, purchasing a gaming license to buying games, integrating them, installing payment systems, and much more.

All this requires not only financial expenses, but also quite a wide range of knowledge and skills. But the new casino needs to be promoted, not to mention its brand. The network has recently seen many proposals to do such a business. Moreover – for quite ridiculous money. Against the background of all this, there are experts who recommend starting your own business in this direction. https://slotegrator.pro/analytical_articles/how_to_establish_online_casino_on_your_own_.html.


The list of proposals is very broad: no need to buy software, you do not need to create your own website, the moment of attracting users to the new casino is omitted, and even do the promotion of the casino itself, it turns out, is not really necessary. Also, the leaders of this startup take on licensing of gambling activities, provide quality software casino itself, the best and most popular games from leading developers of the planet, the connection of the most popular and reliable payment systems, technical support program, and most interestingly – their base of players and visitors. 

So, we don’t have to do anything, but conclude a cooperation agreement with an already well-known operator, which will give us all this “happiness”. Hmm, why should that be? According to the authors of the startup, the White Label is essentially the same online casino, the only difference is that the promotion of our online casino will be done by a well-known casino brand owner who will be happy to take us under his wing by creating a new clean brand for us (White Label). Why would that give someone a piece of their accomplishment? Plus, the “big brother” will place our newfangled casino on his, already promoted site under his brand, will give us a bunch of his customers, and even will advertise our new project with his. And so he will do until our casino itself has learned to hammer the money, get visitors and a bunch of regular players. And after all this and help us get our own license to conduct a gambling business.

It’s very simple, they open their online casino quickly and at no particular cost, and a large and well-known company that will give us all this, will regularly receive from us a predetermined percentage for their services. A kind of franchising in online gambling. At first glance, everything seems to be very much on track and very possible. Pluses, as we can see, just a lot. And what are the disadvantages of such a project? Even if all this is in fact, the first and most obvious minus – the new casino is forever dependent on the contractual obligations of the parent company. You can get more information about that here https://slotegrator.pro/. Use this site if you are thinking of opening your own online casino. Here you will definitely find the harmonic specialists who will help you solve all your questions.