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Sales and Goods Accounting Program

One of the main factors of successful trade is regular accounting and control over sales of goods. Special service will help to optimize accounting of sales of goods and other business processes: the new program of accounting of wholesale and retail sales will reduce labor costs and save time of company employees. With the help of the program from the service precoro.com the sales accounting system becomes more effective. At the same time, it does not matter whether the user has a business – virtual (online store), wholesale or retail. The main thing is that it specializes in the sale of goods. 

The service provides accounting for sales and purchases, helps to work with clients, control financial movements, conduct analytical calculations. Accounting for sales becomes more efficient, effective and competent, and this is a guarantee of success of any business. Application for sales accounting is an online service that can be used from anywhere in the world. To keep track of sales of goods can be, while on vacation or travel: enough to have access to the Internet.

Sales and product accounting program: advantages

The system of goods sales accounting has many advantages. Among them:

  1. Availability: you can connect to the service from any PC with access to the Internet. The program can be used from anywhere in the world. Your business is always under control: keep records while on vacation or travel!
  2. Ability to structure and sort products into different categories.
  3. The possibility of free use (for one user).
  4. Absence of difficulties in installation and implementation in the business platform of the enterprise.
  5. Clear interface: a user without special skills will be able to keep records of the sale of goods in the program.
  6. Maximum security and reliability. The program keeps full confidentiality of the received information on goods and sends data only through the encrypted channels. Recording the sale of goods is also confidential. Only a certain circle of persons has access to databases and archives. The data received during the accounting is stored on a special cloud server, so their safety does not depend on failures in the company software and hardware.

The actual, as much as possible exact information received at the account of sales in real time, is given by the program in operative terms. You are always aware of how your business works and how the sales of goods in your company. Thanks to the fact that the program to record sales of goods built-in tools for analysis and statistics, you get the opportunity to develop effective strategies to increase the company’s profits and conduct sales of goods as correctly and thoughtfully as possible. You save your own time and the time of your employees, make your business efficient, and all this thanks to a fully automated system. The application will take care of many tasks and provide the finished result with maximum accuracy and speed.

For business owners in retail and online stores selling various goods, a specialized solution is available. The service allows you to set up a record of the sale of goods in trade, to keep a warehouse account and purchases, to work with the customer base, as well as effectively manage the sales department. Experience our benefits! Access from any place with internet access. Trial period of the program to record customers and sales of goods – register and start working in a convenient program to record sales for free. Setting tasks for yourself or for your colleagues. All tasks for the client – in his card. Counter and list of your open tasks, view tasks of your subordinates.