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The best dating applications

Now there’s no need to look for a date outside or in a bar. You can simply log in to the app and solve the problem in just a few minutes. With some apps you can make new friends or even find out what is a swingers party. This article will take you through some of the most popular dating apps.


With this app, you can quickly find a company to spend an hour or more with. Here you can very conveniently search for a companion to have a cup of coffee, go to the movies or do sports. The policy of this application is not to find sexual partners, but simply to find an interesting person you can meet. People here are configured to search for a pleasant company, which means that there is no even the possibility to choose candidates by gender.


  • Yep! is focused on meetings here and now, so all requests are valid no longer than one hour.
  • This application, unlike Pure, does not position itself as a tool for finding romantic connections – it is just a convenient way to find interlocutors and a company for decent activities.


  • There is no possibility to rank the requests by gender.
  • You cannot delete your photos from your profile.


If after numerous romantic dates your balance has gone down, your position can be quickly corrected through meetings of a different character. In theory, this app can be extremely useful for many beginners or already successful entrepreneurs. Here you can always find someone with the same outlook on life as you and try to create something interesting with him. Although it should be said that not all users use this application for its intended purpose, so there is always the risk of finding something that you are not looking for using a business dating application.


  • Offers of meetings for the sake of sex and other pleasures developers promise mercilessly delete. Although, in fact, here you can easily find a company even for Thai massage.
  • When looking for business people in the vicinity, you can see where they work. 


  • It is difficult to find a specific location in the application, so the best way is to create a meeting using your current geoposition.
  • The lack of proper moderation gives online hooligans the opportunity to create meetings so crazy that JustLunch sometimes wants to delete.


The ideal dating application that focuses on finding sexual partners and requires no effort from its owners except a couple of clicks. To find your destiny for one night, you just need to hammer your sex, specify the sex of the potential visa, upload at least one photo, write a few words about yourself and wait for no more than an hour. Your application for dating will be valid only during this time, and the search for a couple will be made within a radius of 50 kilometers from you. 

When you find someone you like, you will be able to mark them as liked or ask for additional photos. Once you have mutually agreed, you will be able to discuss details in the chat room. If you are interested in dating for sex, it makes sense to use this site https://fantasyapp.com/en/blog/swinger-dating-websites/.


  • To start hunting for a partner, you do not need to create an account or login through social networks.
  • In case of several failures, a person is blocked by the service forever, but if the result is positive, his rating, on the contrary, increases.
  • There is no place for meaningless conversations here – you either accept a challenge or stay alone with yourself in the night.
  • The location of your potential pair is accurately enough indicated on the map in the form of a red mug, but for safety reasons, its radius is increased.
  • Pure does not store any profiles or correspondence – after one hour all traces of your presence are completely removed.


  • Unfortunately, most profiles do not have sane photos – you can see something else only if your request for additional photos is approved.