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The importance of SEO backlinks

Recently, webmasters and marketers have been constantly talking only about white methods of obtaining links. Buying links to the Fiveer service, you take a lot of risks. In this article we are talking about those methods that really work. If you plunge into the world of BlackHatSEO, many people will be surprised by how much active life this market lives. Everyone buys and sells, and the only question is how to find cheaper and more qualitative links.

Options for obtaining links

We will not disclose in detail all the methods of obtaining links – there are many of them and it will take more than one hour of reading. Let’s give only the basic and free of charge.

  • Catalogues, directories;
  • Link Reclamation;
  • PBN;
  • Infographics;
  • Link Bite;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Brand Mentions;
  • Local SEO Listing;
  • Network Social – Linkedin, Quora, Facebook, etc;
  • Blog Commenting;
  • Question and answer services;
  • Bookmark services;
  • Placement of press releases;
  • H.A.R.O;
  • Competitor anchors analysis;
  • Roundups.

Let’s focus on a few options, which do not require large financial costs and content requirements.


PBN or Private Blog Network, depending on the quality of the blogs themselves, can be a great help in ranking, with a limited budget. PBN is a private blog network. It is often interlinked, where content is updated manually or automatically. These are often blogs on a general topic. For this purpose, domains with expired registrations are usually purchased, but with good DA values.

It should be understood that for $ 5 you can not buy 20 links with unique texts on quality blogs, as sometimes offer on Fiveer Seo-specialists from India. Because building and maintaining a network of blogs requires a lot of effort and resources.

Web2.0 sites

The given method of reception of references is more capacious and demands preparation of a sufficient quantity of a content. It is possible to find many platforms, for example, on request “Top web 2.0 blogs”. However, the most qualitative are:

  • wordpress.com
  • weebly.com
  • tumblr.com
  • medium.com
  • blogspot.com

Someone might be surprised, but these links work well with Google. All you need to do is create an account on one of the above portals, fill the site with content and put down links. Using blogs web2.0 to strengthen existing links (this technique is called 2nd tier links), you can achieve a good improvement in the output, not having a large number of direct links. Here you can buy some really good WEB 2.0 backlinks https://buylink.ae/web-2-0-backlinks/

SEO Outreach – sponsor and guest posts

By the word Outreach – we mean the process of searching for bloggers by the topic we are interested in. Connect with them via email, social networks or special services, and establish cooperation agreements for posting and other promotional materials. This method of obtaining quality links is more popular than the others because it allows you to get though not always cheap, but very good links from relevant sites. Growth of traffic from organic you do not have to wait. 

If you don’t have a good copywriter who can write at a high level, then the Sponsored Posts section is where you should start. Guest posts are available on very good sites with DA above 50, and are free. However, the quality of the content you produce should be at the level of the New York Times, with a high degree of expertise. It is clear that it is unlikely that any copywriter will be able to help with this. This method of obtaining links refers to the work of the client’s PR department.

Link Exchange

Often, you need to buy links to sites from countries where it is difficult to find bloggers. Then, we come to the aid of special exchanges. Of course, modern algorithms will calculate the purchased link quickly. But here it’s up to the SEO-optimizer. All you need to do is to prepare a good material with a natural link.